For Mets, Hips Don’t Lie

Written for On the Warning Track 7/30/15

Carlos Gomez won't be donning a Mets uniform again any time soon.

Several hours after agreeing to a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers, the New York Mets canceled a trade for Carlos Gomez due to concerns over Gomez’ hips.

The deal would have sent pitcher Zack Wheeler and infielder Wilmer Flores to Milwaukee for Gomez, who would have been returning to the organization that originally signed him. But the deal fell through after physicals. Gomez’ agent, Scott Boras, denied there were any physical issues with his player.

“Carlos Gomez is in first class physical condition,” Scott Boras told the Daily News. “He is going to play another 15 years, as far as I know. He has never seen a hip doctor. He has no hip issue. Wherever that rumor popped up from, it is a complete misrepresentation of the player’s condition.”

It was an emotional night for Flores, one that played out in front of the Citi Field crowd as well as a television audience. Flores received a standing ovation when he came to bat in the 7th inning and could be seen shedding tears. (You’d cry too if you were going from the Big Apple to Milwaukee.) Flores’ manager, Terry Collins, talked to the media after the game about how difficult life can be for a player, especially a younger one.

“You guys think these guys are stone-cold robots, but they’re not. They’re human beings with emotions. This kid is upset, he’s sad, he’s been a Met his whole life, and he probably wants to be a Met… I feel terrible for Wilmer. As you guys know, they’re isn’t a finer guy in the clubhouse than him.”

As for the Brewers, Gomez’ teammates were happy he was sticking around (for now). Martin Maldonado took to Twitter to express he and his teammates’ feeling about Gomez. ”

Gomez still a Brewers nice, good friend and teammate.

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